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Cadillac Club: 1935 Cadillac

1935 Cadillac Fleetwood 370-D V-12

Saw this classic Cadillac at the Auto Show In Las Vegas

Every once in a while I come across a rare Cadillac and I have to stop and take like a million pictures. Even though I am not up to par on my Cadillac's of the 1930's I had to look into this one a little further as it was a gem. It's not everyday you get to stand next to a 70+ year old car.

The glossy black color of this beauty was the first thing that caught my eye. I didn't even know it was a Cadillac when I first saw it. I must have been one hundred feet from it when it caught my eye. When I got up close to it they had a little information on the plaque that said 1935 Cadillac 370-D V12 Fleetwood Town Cabriolet.

1935 cadillac crest 1935 black cadillac 1935 cadillac dashboard 1935 cadillac description information 1935 cadillac fleetwood

Like I said above you can really see why this caught my eye. The huge front grill stood out.

1935 cadillac front grille 1935 cadillac front tire 1935 cadillac guages 1935 cadillac hood ornament 1935 cadillac mirror

I wanted to get in the car and get my picture taken but that gold rope you see prevented me from doing that. The gauges that were in this Caddy were so huge. I am sure it must be tough finding replacements for them. Dual spare tires with mirrors on each.

1935 cadillac mirrors 1935 cadillac passenger side 1935 cadillac rear door 1935 cadillac rear taillight 1935 cadillac rear window

The details on the mirror with the Cadillac crest is amazing. As you can see the gloss finish is amazing. I don't know if this caddy was repainted but if I had to guess I would say yes. I like the taillights and how the bumper protects them. Yes that is me peaking through the window.

1935 cadillac side window 1935 cadillac spare tire cover 1935 cadillac steering wheel 1935 cadillac tire 1935 cadillac v12 engine

I am so glad I bought a new digital camera before I went to this auto show. The pictures of this 1935 Cadillac really stand out. You can see how clean this caddy is, and yes that is my fat belly in the way. Enjoy the pictures, If you feel like commenting on this please join our Cadillac Forum.

1935 cadillac windsheild wiper 1935 cadillac with vinny.jpg (315607 bytes) 1935 headlight cadillac 1935 ornament 

You can see more pictures on the classic Cadillac pages.


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