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Cadillac Club: 1941 Cadillac

1941 Cadillac Models and Innovations

All About the 1941 Cadillac's

In 1941, Cadillac released groundbreaking innovations in their line of model offerings. Nearly all available models got a complete face lift, dramatically changing the way the cars looked. Another change in this year was the manufacturers move back to offering only luxury cars, which left at least one competitor, Packard, in the dust. With the move back to their origins, Cadillac bolstered their sales and their reputation for producing fine cars with incredible durability.

Models from 1941 include:
The 61 Series
Series 75
Series 67
Series 63
The Sixty Special
Series 62

This year saw the departure of the La Salle line; the revised Series 61 took its place and boosted the manufacturer's profits considerably. Other innovations in 1941 were the egg crate front grill that helped give the cars a much more aggressive appearance and engine improvements. The egg crate grill helped set industry standards for style that would be copied for years to come.

The big mechanical news that year for Cadillac was the Hydra-Matic transmission, offering shiftless performance that appealed to consumers across the board. The transmission continued to be used for the rest of the decade and was copied by most of the automotive world. This innovation helped push Cadillac to all time production highs and improve their already powerful reputation as an industry leader and producer of high quality luxury cars in North America.

This year also saw the implementation of a more powerful V-8 engine, which offered 150 horsepower. The new engine combined with new axle technology allowed their vehicles to reach 100 miles per hour and 0-60 speeds in 14 seconds or under. That might not sound like much today, but for its time it was fantastic. The improved performance and automatic transmission allowed Cadillac to garner appeal from market segments that had previously not considered the brand a good fit for them.

1941 was an excellent year for Cadillac and their profits reflected this. While still selling slightly under some of their competitors, it must be understood that their competitors offered a much broader range of vehicles at considerably less cost than Cadillac did. Now on to 1942 Cadillacs.

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