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Cadillac Club: 1942 Cadillac

Cadillacs in 1942

1942 Cadillac Models Set the Stage for the Future

In 1942 Cadillac brought the same models to the market, but with whole new looks. Cadillac set new standards in this year and some of the brand's hallmark looks were brought to the market this year. These included the bullet shaped fenders and a fastback roofline.

The models available in 1942 were:

The Sixty Special
Series 61
Series 62
Series 75, the Imperial Sedan

There were carry over models from the previous year, but the models listed above were the ones that actually helped the car manufacturer stay ahead of the pack. This was the last year of new productions for Cadillac, WWII shut down consumer manufacturing and replaced it with wartime production of tanks and airplane engines. This year provided the basis for consumer offerings when production came back online in late 1946.

Cadillac's productions during the war were an impressive array of wartime manufacturing including tanks, munitions, aircraft parts and more. Without these, the war effort would have been badly hampered and victory would have been put off even longer. Cadillac's wartime productions aided the Allies in their victory and helped to bring the war to an earlier close than would have otherwise been possible.

Cadillac's offerings in 1942 helped set the stage for post war productions. Many manufacturers copied Cadillac's designs in the years following the end of the war, helping to boost Cadillac's reputation as an industry leader in both design and function. The most copied aspect of their design was the automatic transmission, dubbed the "Hydra-Matic." This transmission provided the basis for many modern day automatics and helped increase the popularity of shift-less driving.

The bullet shaped fenders provided a custom look that Cadillac became known for during the 1940's and '50's. These fenders underwent several different looks and eventually became known as Dagmar bumpers for their resemblance to the bosom of a well known actress of the times. Eventually, the bullet shapes were removed from the bumper and in some year models, they ascended towards the grill of the vehicle. Eventually, they were discarded in favor of newer bumper styles that also helped to shape the popular image of Cadillac. The ongoing war effort also hampered what Cadillac did in 1943.

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