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Cadillac Club: 1943 Cadillac

Cadillac Changes in 1943

Cadillac Helps With The War Effort

In 1943, production of Cadillac models was halted by the outbreak of WWII. During this period, no new vehicles were manufactured since the production facilities were transformed to produce wartime supplies. Cadillac was a major producer of much need parts and supplies for the war effort during the next few years and without their contributions, the war effort would have been seriously hampered and would have resulted in adding years to the duration of the conflict.

Cadillac was a major producer of many things that aided the war effort during this time. They manufactured airplane engines, tanks and munitions for the soldiers fighting with the Allies overseas. Cadillac's legendary engines and Hydra-Matic transmissions played an integral role in each light tank and personnel carrier that the company manufactured, leading to an even more increased reputation throughout the world for quality and durability.

While consumer production may have ceased during the war, there were still many Cadillac models available to consumers, through showrooms and car dealers around the nation. These models included the first cars to incorporate the Hydra-Matic transmission and increased capacity V-8 engine that debuted in 1942.

Cadillac models available were:
Series 75 Imperial Sedan
Cadillac 41
Darrin Convertible
Series 61
Series 62
Series Sixty Special Fleetwood
62 Sedan
Series 75 Town Car
Series 90-67 Sixteen
1940 Sixty Special Fleetwood

These models incorporated some of the best that Cadillac engineers and craftsmen had to offer. They provided the basis for decade's worth of automotive innovations and styling. Many different manufacturers attempted to copy Cadillac's innovation over the rest of the decade and on into the 1950's, but none were able to completely duplicate Cadillac' quality and precision. Cadillac's reputation for durability and high quality automobiles continued unabated and unsullied by competitor's attempts to garner some of the manufacturer's market share.

Cadillac, today, still stands for quality and innovation. They are the number one producer of luxury cars in North America and have been for a very long time. The Cadillac name has become synonymous with quality and precision, so much so that their name has become a hallmark for comparing quality. Now on to 1944 Cadillacs.

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