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Cadillac Club: 1944 Cadillac

Cadillac Weathers World War II

Another Year Helping The War

For Cadillac, 1944 was the second year without a consumer production run. The plants that once churned out cars and automobile parts were now producing tanks, munitions and personnel carriers. The war effort was on in full and Cadillac was determined to do their part to help restore order to a fragmenting world. As an after effect of their war productions, Cadillac was able to gain even more popularity. Their engines and transmissions played a vital role in many tanks and armored vehicles, allowing the soldiers that operated the machines to become familiar with the name and the quality that name implied. Through their war effort, Cadillac's reputation grew enormously and by the time the war ended, they had tens of thousands more people that believed in their hallmarks of quality and precision.

During 1944, the only Cadillacs available for consumers were the ones still sitting in showrooms from 1943 or those for sale by their owners.

These models included:
Series 75 Imperial Sedan
Cadillac 41
Darrin Convertible
Series 61
Series 62
Series Sixty Special Fleetwood
62 Sedan
Series 75 Town Car
Series 90-67 Sixteen
1940 Sixty Special Fleetwood

All these models had been produced from 1940 to 1942, after which production ceased as war blossomed on both sides of the world. Cadillac's reputation for quality and precision put them in good stead, as their vehicles were still in demand across the nation, at least as much demand as a war economy would allow. Cadillac cars continued to sell well, despite the lack of new models on the market and this served to increase the brand's reputation for quality and precision craftsmanship.

In a sense, WWII was actually a good thing for Cadillac, though it may not have seemed that way at the time. They would have prospered, regardless of the war, but the advent of their products being used in a military venue resulted in greater exposure for their ingenuity and innovation and won for them a whole generation of admirers. When the soldiers started coming home in 1945 they looked at Cadillac in a new way. Cadillac came out of wartime production in late 1946, and their sales grew immediately as supply again became available.

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