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Cadillac Club: 1945 Cadillac

Cadillac in 1945

The Last Year of War Production

1945 was the last year that Cadillac spent producing wartime vehicles and munitions. This year also marked the lowest point in Cadillac's stock of vehicles. With no new vehicles being produced, the market was scarce. Cars that had been produced in years 1941 and 1942 were no longer on the lots for sale. There were still some Cadillac cars available to the public, but they were mostly used vehicles.

The Cadillac models available in 1945 were:
Series 75 Imperial Sedan
Cadillac 41
Darrin Convertible
Series 61
Series 62
Series Sixty Special Fleetwood
62 Sedan
Series 75 Town Car
Series 90-67 Sixteen
1940 Sixty Special Fleetwood

These were mostly used vehicles by this point, though a lucky few consumers were able to find new models that had been mothballed or held in dealerships for display. During this time, consumers were not terribly concerned with purchasing new vehicles; society's focus was on winning the war and getting their soldiers home-a marked difference from modern war efforts.

The society at the time was not as consumer driven and the people held similar views that made a concerted war effort possible at home. Today, society has become to disparate for such a single minded vision to occupy us. We are a completely consumer driven society, unable to make the sacrifices that our ancestors did in the name of freedom.

World War II was well under way at this point and Cadillac's production of wartime vehicles, part, engines and munitions was in full swing. They provided much needed parts for aircraft, tanks, complete with engines, transmissions, and personnel carriers. Without the support of Cadillac and countless other industries, victory in WWII might have taken much longer or even not come at all.

Many veterans came home from the war, determined to purchase vehicles from a company that had put them in such good stead during the war. Thus, Cadillac won for themselves an enormous base of customers that wanted to purchase their products and were willing to pay for them.

When Cadillac came out of war production, they immediately went into consumer production, though it took quite some time to change all the facilities back to peacetime production levels. The public's reception for new products from Cadillac was enthusiastic. Things started to change for 1946 Cadillacs.

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