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Cadillac Club: 1946 Cadillac

Cadillac in 1946

Cadillac Resumes Production

1946 was a short production year for Cadillac, just like the year before 1945. With the war over, production at home began switching over to consumer products, though this was time consuming and costly. During 1946, Cadillac was only able to produce a little over 29,000 vehicles for customer purchase and these sold amazingly well. With the war over, the public could again return to purchasing the things they wanted and needed in their lives. New cars were a big part of this, since no new models had been available for several years from most manufacturers.

This year marked several things, but they wouldn't come to complete fruition until 1947, once consumer production was back in full swing.

The models offered in 1946 were:
The Series 75 (5 different styles)
A fastback Series 62
A notchback Series 62
Series 62 sedans
Sixty Special

The models offered that year were only slightly different from previous years and due to postwar production problems, many variations and some whole model lines had to be done away with. This turned out to be to the benefit of Cadillac, as it opened the way for new trendsetting designs that would follow to take up the Cadillac mantle.

As war veterans returned home and life began to return to normal, more and more people found themselves in the market for a new car. The next model year nearly doubled Cadillac's sold units and the brand returned with renewed life and vigor. World trendsetting designs were being conceptualized during this time, but it would take nearly two more years for these designs to hit the market. Cadillac began preparing to release new styles, but production was still limited to the few postwar styles that they were able to produce.

Cadillac, in 1946, was a company in a holding pattern. With great designs in the wings, the company was destined to set industry standards and trends that would influence decades of carmakers and influence how Americans looked at cars. These standards are still present in today's Cadillac, combining industry leading technology and unprecedented precision and engineering. Cadillac has long been a world leader in the automotive industry for those reasons. We will see some more changes coming on 1947 Cadillacs.

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