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Cadillac Club : 1949 Cadillac

1949 Cadillac Fastback

Really Sweet Looking Low-rider

1949 cadillac fastback custom from the Las Vegas car show  This is another beauty that I was lucky enough to see when I was out in Las Vegas at the car show. When I first saw this car I really had no idea that it was a Cadillac. I seen this car from the back at first and since it was custom made it did not have the typical rear end of Cadillac's from the 1940's.

The rear bumper or I should say tail is actually from a 1954 Mercury. That's right a Mercury, this owner apparently knew what he wanted when they made this car.

The high gloss paint job on this classic Cadillac really made it stand out among the other cars at the show. Considering this show which runs all year round at the Imperial Palace casino on the strip had plenty of cars that any car owner would love to call their own.

As you can see this car really doesn't look like a Cadillac from the front either. I had to take a few looks at it myself. The rear end of this caddy is probably about 2 inches off the ground. There is no way this could ride down the street in New York City that is for sure.

I really didn't get too much information on this car as the photo that I took of the little placard that they had in front of the Caddy didn't come out too well. I just pulled this up from searching this Cadillac online.

 1949 Cadillac custom built - 1949 Cadillac Custom Fastback ID# 496237950 Custom Dick Dean chop, sectioned and shaved with a 1954 Mercury tail lights, extended front fenders, 1956 Olds headlights, 1955 Pontiac split front and rear bumpers, custom teardrop lipped skirts. Based on a 1979 Cadillac chassis with air ride by BIO KUSTOMZ. Engine is a 368 cubic inch Cadillac V-8 with a single quadrajet, Header exhaust systems. Transmission is a GM turbo 350 automatic.

 1949 interior Cadillac Fastback  Tailfins on a 1949 Cadillac Fastback Rear end of a 1949 Cadillac

See some more classic Cadillac's from the Las Vegas show like the 1906, 1963 , and 1953 GHIA. You can also keep going by year and see what Cadillac did in 1950.


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