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 Cadillac Club: 1959cadillac

1959 Cadillac


1959 Cadillac DevilleAs most Cadillac enthusiasts know the 1959 Cadillac was known for primarily one thing, its vast tail fins that protruded from the rear end like the wings of a jet plane. In fact, well-known car designer, Harley Earl, designed the Cadillacís tail fin to resemble the World War II fighter planes.

The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville became one of the most sought after cars in the world, especially in modern times. The fifties were all about rock and roll and the race to the moon, so why not have a car that epitomized these characteristics. Other features, such as the dual bullet tail lights, the two rooflines and pillar configurations, the jewel like grille pattern and the matching deck panels all helped this car become a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Distinguishing wide white wall tires that stood out like snow caps were also featured on the 1959 Cadillacís, the overall massive size and weight, soaring tailfins, multi faceted grille and the overall hugeness perhaps contributed to the peak of owning a Cadillac. After all, there was no other car that said times were changing like the 1959 Eldorado Cadillac. Although, Cadillac had been known for years as the luxury ride, this yearís huge tail fins advertised Cadillac as the extreme extrovert. This was no longer your fathers caddy, so to speak. Many car purists felt this Cadillac was lacking any type of style however, others flocked to showrooms to purchase the flamboyant ride.

Most standard equipment for the 1959 Cadillac models included the air suspension, which was later discontinued, electric door locks, fog lamps, power seats, and heater, radio and power windows. Options such as air conditioning, cruise control, automatic headlight dimmer, and tinted windows were also available for added costs. The Eldorado Convertible known as the Biarritz also offered buyers the added feature of bucket seats, which were standard on this automobile. The average cost for the Cadillac Eldorado was around $6,000 to $7,000, which ironically was not much more than the earlier fifty models.

The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado was most definitely considered the most extravagant of Cadillacís. Even some of the true Cadillac lovers of the fifties found this car reprehensible. However, in modern day, this Cadillac stands out perhaps more than any other. Thereís nothing like the sight of those protruding tail fins and those buxom bullet headlights that spells extreme Cadillac than the 1959 version of the Eldorado Cadillac. This video is one that I filmed while in Las Vegas. It is really special as it also had a built in television. Very rare for the year 1959. UPDATE The video says it is a 1959 but it has been brought to my attention that it really isn't.


Our friend Paul is currently restoring a 1959 Cadillac, He is showing us step by step his journey as he restores his new baby.

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