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Cadillac Club :1960 Cadillac : 1960 Cadillac Convertible

Cruising In A 1960 Convertible

Just got an email from a guy named Dennis who wanted to share a story that he has about cruising in California with his 1960 Cadillac convertible. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have and if you would like to share your story send me an Email I would be glad to post it along with any pictures you may have of your Cadillac.

Cruising In The Cadillac

Dennis and his wife Elaine were cruising along the Pacific Coast highway with the top down when a bunch of bikers passed them by. The Bikers waved hello and just drove on by. They didn't think anything of it as they were just out for a drive and not in any hurry. The continued to drive and in about an hour or so they pulled into a diner to get some lunch.

As they pulled up they noticed a few bikes outside but really weren't thinking it could be the same guys. They entered the diner and Elaine went to the ladies room as Dennis was getting them a table.

Three of the bikers approached Dennis and asked him what year and make the car was. It seemed they had a little wager going on and was glad that they met up with him. These guys were all over him when he told them it was a 1960. One of the guys had one some 25 years ago and he asked Dennis if he could get a ride in it for old time sake.

When Elaine came out of the bathroom she was shocked to see her husband talking to these guys. Her first thought was that he was getting robbed. She was in shock when he asked the bikers to join them for lunch but Dennis had a plan.

Little did she know that Dennis always wanted to drive a Harley Davidson. As they were having lunch Dennis made them a deal. He would let one of them drive his car if he let him drive the motorcycle behind them.

Twenty minutes and a meal later they made the swap and Dennis drove the Harley about 10 miles behind his Cadillac and his wife. Both guys were very happy as if they were kids again and it looks like our Cadillac owner is going to buy a bike and join their little bike club. See more about 1960's Cadillac's here

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