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Cadillac Club : 1964 Cadillac

1964 Cadillac


Picture of a white 1964 CadillacThere were very few cosmetic changes made to the 1964 Cadillac, other than one less fender skirt here or there. There was the introduction of several new engineering feats, for example, the Turbo-Hydramatic transmission was developed. As well, there were new innovations being added to the Cadillac’s of the day, for instance, a new automatic climate controlled heat and air system was added.

This 1964 Cadillac was sent in by Mae and Barrie who have owned it since the Mid-1980's. When they purchased this car it was in good shape but had lacked maintenance. For 13 years they have been members of the Eastern Shore Memories Cruisers Antique Car Club in Nova Scotia, Canada and attend many shows each year. You can read more on the 1964 Cadillac Sedan DeVille page.

This was also the year that Cadillac employed the “Twilight Sentinel” in their vehicles, which was basically the automatic system that turned the lights on when the vehicle sensed dusk and turned the lights off when the vehicle sensed dawn.

The De Ville script was also used on the Sixty-Special sedans for the first time, setting them apart from other Cadillac models. The Fleetwood El Dorado Convertible looked dramatically the same as the Eldorado Biarritz from the previous year, as well. There were other styling changes like a new V-shaped grille was also used, as well as the continuation of the grill onto the sides of the car.

For the most part, tail fins were a thing of the past, but moderate versions of the late fifties craze were still seen. However, the Cadillac of 1964 was still overall a lower and sleeker vehicle with very few outstanding features. But by all other means the 1964 Cadillac resembled those from the past year, except maybe in the field of power. A 390 bored and stroked to 429 cid, good for 340 horsepower was performance made and the biggest change to Cadillac’s this year.

Cadillac was making working on its sixty first years of production and the number of sales and total production was growing rapidly each and every year it seemed. A total number of 166,000 1964 Cadillac models were produced that year, a new record high for the luxury car manufacturer. Regardless of the look it seemed Cadillac was destined to be an American icon for generations to come.

From the dependable and sleek cars of the forties to the outlandish cars of the late fifties, there was a look and a feeling of prestige that the Cadillac owner had that no other car manufacturer could compete with. In fact, in the later sixties, car experts commented that the Cadillac was the best luxury vehicle, even taking into account the costly Rolls Royce. The great thing about Cadillac though was the fact that prices for these models had not increased dramatically in years, the average increase for the Cadillac was well under $100.

Picture of a 1964 Cadillac Hearse


This is a picture of a 1964 Cadillac Hearse that was seen on this site after it was pictured in Henderson Nevada at a car show. It was purchased by a member of our sister site and he had it shipped to Australia.

As you can see it is white and very clean. Her name is Ms Lily and I am sure she is going to enjoy her new home. I love the tailfins and how they are separate from the rear body and the door.


Continue on with Cadillac and see what was up in 1965.

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