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Cadillac Club: 1969 Cadillac

1969 Cadillac


1969 cadillac picture

In 1969, Cadillac was once again celebrating the fact that they had beaten their previous yearís record for sales, this time by nearly 3,000 more cars. It was estimated that there were approximately 223,000 new 1969 Cadillac models now on the road. Although, this didnít move Cadillac up in the industry rankings, it did however, prove to the makers of Cadillac that they were doing their job and winning over new buyers each and every year.

Cadillac had seen a great decade come and go, sales were predominately up and the newest of innovations were often being treaded by the Cadillac models. And just as in previous years, the 1969 Cadillac would be no different. For the first time in history, the car industry saw a new and popular engineering mechanism being included on all new 1969 Cadillac models, the closed cooling system.

For many years, drivers in different areas of the country were constantly having problems with the over heating of their vehicles, this closed cooling system guaranteed the driver a safe and less bothersome trip.

The overall look of all Cadillac models were now being copied from the El Dorado, the most popular of Cadillac models. The longer and leaner look was well received by the public, now the Cadillac lover could purchase an El Dorado look for thousands less than the actual El Dorado. The new look for the sister Cadillac models featured a more horizontal design look on all front fenders. As well, the rear end and the hood were both extended; this gave these cars a look that went on for miles. Head lights were placed horizontal, as well, on the front grille; and the roof line was squarer than round.

Once again, the De Villeís mirrored their less expensive counterpart, the Calais. There were the additions of rear arm rests, additional cigarette lighters for the back seat passengers, and power seating made available; other than that, the nameplate was the only identifying marker for the De Ville.

In the past few years, the El Dorado had experienced great fame and this meant much fortune for the Cadillac industry. This year was more sublime, but still the El Dorado held itís own. The overall look of the El Dorado was changed somewhat, a new cross hatch grille appeared on the 1969 El Dorado, and the elimination of the flip-up head light covers. Instead, the new headlights were housed on the actual car body and not on the grille. This would carry Cadillac into the 1970's.

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