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1974 Cadillac

1974 Cadillac - Gas Crunch Causes Changes

Black 1974 Cadillac EldoradoAs a result of the Arab Oil embargo, overall car sales were down for the year. As a marketing strategy, Cadillac knew they needed to make some changes. After all, their luxury sedans were known for their gas guzzling abilities.

A new look was on the agenda for the Cadillac industry, it included the egg crate styling on the front grille that was first featured the year before, this look was featured on all Cadillacís except the El Dorado, which was completely changed for the opposite.

The El Dorado (pictured on the left) featured a crosshatched grille that was more refined and had a much finer appearance. As well, the addition of nameplates on the grille set the El Dorado apart from other Cadillac models.

Just as the world was recuperating from the gas shortage, it seemed Cadillac was using its resources for the true luxury customer. The introductions of two new lines were out this year.

First the díElegance option package was available in both the De Ville and the Brougham. As well was an even more luxurious optional package called the Talisman.

Features in this one-of-a-kind package included the use of reclining front passenger seats, four-place seating in crushed velour with arm chair style seats, full length center consoles with writing set in front and rear vanity, as well as special turbine wheel discs, and a standup hood ornament and special rear roof pillar Fleetwood Talisman scripts. Click on the video to see an ad featuring 1974 Cadillacs.

The 1974 Cadillac also featured one of the most new and most innovated features for vehicles this year, the use of optional driver and passenger air cushion restraint systems or air bags. It seemed as the seventies were rolling in, so were the thoughts regarding safety in automobiles. These air cushion restraint systems were proven to decrease the injuries from frontal collision crashes; however, most customers were not interested in the high priced optional equipment; that would come many years later.

You may have seen the 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado in the movie "Tin Cup" with Kevin Costner and Rene Russo.

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