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Cadillac Club: 1990s Cadillacs : 1990 Cadillac

1990 Cadillac


The newest breed of Cadillac to enter the automobile market in 1990 was the 1990 Cadillac Allante convertible soft top. Although, the hard top was available in previous years, the soft top offered Cadillac lovers a sportier look with easy accessibility. However, in all honesty this was the only difference in the two types of Allanteís offered this year, and in fact the only exterior change made to this line of Cadillacís for 1990, with the exception of a few new exterior color choices.

The bigger than life Brougham received some classic exterior changes, as well. The new halogen head lamps revised the front end look, as well as the addition of new end caps, and bumper filler; not to mention a new windshield pillar pad and drip molding. Although, the changes were minor, it did give the Brougham a classier but more contemporary look.

Major changes for both the Seville and Eldorado were in the workings. Both would undergo a full facelift in the upcoming year. The 1990 year proved rather profitable for the Deville especially, the horsepower was increased from 155 to 190 and the torque moved up from 240 to 245 lb. /foot.

New exterior colors were available, which included varying shades of brown and gray. A new Eldorado Touring Coupe was also an available package for the Cadillac Eldorado lover; this TC package offered a 4.5 V-8 engine, one that offered power at low driving speeds, without sacrificing fuel economy.

Total sales for the 1990 Cadillac line-up were quiet good, a whopping 258,000 vehicles were sold this year, moving Cadillacís market share up to 2.8%. As well, this year introduced a new front wheel drive traction control system, an automatic restraint system for both the driver and the passenger was produced, and anti-lock brakes were either standard or optional on all 1990 Cadillac models.

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