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Cadillac Club: 1990s Cadillacs: 1994 Cadillac

1994 Cadillac


The theme for the 1994 Cadillac year was trimming down; so begin the task of eliminating many of the Cadillac’s former models. First, the Cadillac Allante convertible was dropped, the Sixty Special Sedan, and lastly the elimination of the Coupe de Ville. As well, almost all of the Cadillac models were realigned this year, giving way for a new year with hopes of better sales.

Side view of a 1994 Cadillac FleetwoodCadillac also decided to trim down the names of the Cadillac models. The famed Cadillac Seville’s were now known as the SLS, or if you were in the market for the Seville Touring Sedan, you would want to ask to see their STS. The Eldorado Touring Coupe became known as the ETC, and the DeVille was now identified on the luxury ride with a capital “D”.

As well, Cadillac produced a show car for the 1994 automobile show called the Cadillac LSE, the luxury Sedan Euro-style, Cadillac revealed that this prototype would be the entry level luxury sedan of the future, aimed at the young and prosperous buyers of the mid-1990’s.

Although Cadillac was thinning down their entire model line-up, they were adding much needed improvements in their vehicle’s safety. All 1994 Cadillac models were equipped with driver and passenger air bags, as well as exceeding federal guidelines for side impact standards on automobiles.

The Cadillac Fleetwood was a very popular model that year. If you would like to see some more pictures of the Fleetwood you can see the pictures that Travelyon sent in of his Cadillac Fleetwood.

As well, the Cadillac’s anti-locking brake system gave driver’s an edge with the ability to stop on a dime and continue to steer clear of mishaps, something many automakers were only offering as optional features on their automobiles. Cadillac decided that their driver’s safety was priority one. Even the lighting system used on the Cadillac’s head lamps was above and beyond federal guidelines.

Although, Cadillac made safety improvements, as well as downsized their entire model line up for the year, it was still faulting at sales. In fact, the 1994 Cadillac year say a fall in market share and production totals, but fortunately sales were up from 1993 by almost 10,000 units.

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