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 Cadillac Club:1990s Cadillacs: 1997 Cadillac

1997 Cadillac


picture of 1997 cadillac devilleCadillac had introduced their newest baby to the world actually in the early part of 1996; however, full blown advertising for the 1997 Cadillac Catera did not begin until the New Year dawned. This mid-size rear-wheel drive vehicle was manufactured in Germany, where Cadillac makers joined hands with the European platform known as the Opel; as a result, the Catera was born.

This was the first time in almost 10 years that Cadillac offered their buyers something other than a V-8 in their line-up. The Cadillac Catera used a 200-horsepower V-6 with dual overhead cam in an attempt to meet fuel efficiency and frugal buyer’s needs.

Catera offered their buyers superior handling and a luxury driving experience, roomier than other mid-size cars, the Catera’s low-profile and aerodynamic body design helped improve fuel economy without sacrificing its look or its overall luxury appeal. In mid 1997, Cadillac announced that they would move the manufacturing of the Catera to domestic soil at its next redesign, as well.

An old friend again reappeared this year; the DeVille was now offering their customers a third choice, the d’Elegance Sedan. Joining the ranks of the popular DeVille Sedan and the now reconfigured sportier DeVille Concour, this luxury sedan would offer high end customers a third luxury option in class and elegance.

But importantly, this third option made room for the Concours to take on a new and sportier livelihood. Although, the seating for both the DeVille Sedan and the d’Elegance was for a roomier 6, the new full center console in the Concours could only accommodate 5 comfortably.

Overall sales for the 1997 Cadillac models were finally up after suffering from a year-after-year spiral downwards. Cadillac sold nearly 12,000 more cars than the previous year and upped their US market share to 2.2 percent, although not a drastic increase, one that was long deserved in coming.

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