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2006 Cadillac SRX

The 2006 Cadillac SRX Review

First introduced to the public in 2004, the Cadillac SRX found itself different that other SUVs and mini-vans. Claiming its title as a car-based SUV, note that in most instances this would qualify a vehicle as a station wagon, the 2006 Cadillac SRX is even better than before.

Still a great show piece by any means, the 2006 SRX offers the driver an optional third row seating as seen in previous years. However, a powered rear lift gate is also standard on the newer models. The wheels for the 2006 SRX were reconfigured as well and new optional cashmere seating is also available to the SRX buyer.

Although the fully independent suspension allows this SRX to handle like a sports utility vehicle not to mention the over all roominess, in all honesty, everything else on this vehicle looks like a Cadillac Sedan and better yet, feels like a Cadillac Sedan.

The overall look is less boxy than the average SUV, offering a sleek and refined look, as well as a much lower profile than other utility vehicles. But unlike the traditional sports utility vehicle that is ready to haul any load, this car slash utility vehicle is more of a family minivan than work horse. In other words, unless youíre planning on towing something less than two tons you may want to go another route.

Overall however, this 2006 Cadillac SRX offers the buyer a great looking and roomy interior, able to seat five very comfortably and even more for a mere $1100 more with the optional third row seat. Itís very fast, as well, it sports a Northstar V8 and has very good handling and driver control.

Like other sport utility vehicles, it can be rather bouncy at times, but for even a little more cash you can opt for a state of the art suspension system which should alleviate that problem. If you are concerned about the gas mileage don't be as it gets 25 mpg while cruising on the highway. The v-6 goes for about $40,000 while the bigger engine v-8 goes for about $50,000.

See our pages on the 2006 CTS and the STS for more fine handling Cadillacs for 2006.

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