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2006 Cadillac STS

2006 Cadillac STS:: More Bang For Your Buck

The 2006 Cadillac STS comes in a variety of configurations. The standard STS enters the market place at just a little over $41,000 and is equipped with a V6 NorthStar engine, rear wheel drive, and the luxury of the Cadillac vehicle. Of course if youíre truly in the market for a great Cadillac and cost isnít a concern, perhaps you might want to look at the V8 version.

It comes equipped with all wheel drive, for those Northern driving conditions. As well, you will find that optional equipment is available that allows even the most avid tech geek to drool. At a little under $65,000, all the options and extras a person could ever imagine can be yours on these 2006 Cadillac STS.

Most of the infamous features of the Cadillac can be seen with the naked eye. Just one look at this sharp and refined Caddie will give you a feeling of prestige, but the true muscle and power shows up under the hood and while on the pavement.

The Magnetic Ride Control feature instantly adjusts its shock absorbing settings in all conditions, making the Cadillac ride smooth and easy even in the roughest of conditions. The NorthStar engine provides the driver with the ability to shift and respond effortlessly.

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Priced nearly $10,000 less than its competitors, the Audi A6 and the BMW 5 Series, this state of the art 2006 Cadillac STS offers the public an American made vehicle with European drive.

The overall interior of this mid size luxury Sedan is by far roomier than any of its competitors, allowing both the driver and those that are riding shotgun and in the rear cabin an excellent riding experience.

You will find ample room in the trunk space for overnight bags and even a golf bag or two. If you are looking for a performance vehicle check out the 2006 Cadillac V-Series

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