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Cadillac Club : 2000 Cadillacs: 2006 V Series

2006 V Series

THE 2006 CADILLAC V-SERIES: That’s V for Vroom

The Cadillac makers would have you believe that the V in the 2006 Cadillac V-Series marks a triumph to Cadillac’s first for the industry, V-8 engine. But let’s face it, the fastest Cadillac’s to ever hit the pavement has to be named after something other that that…how about vroom, volume, velocity, or even value? Well, maybe not value. After all these pricey Cadillac’s are history making and so are their 60% above base price mark-up.

The 2004 year marked the beginning of the V-Series, before then only the acclaimed CTS carried the added letter. But as of 2006, there’s a few more that will join its sedan loving public. The Cadillac CTS-V is well-equipped with standard features that include 18-inch wheels and tires, driver adjustable stability control system, high intensity headlamps, leather upholstery, a little bit of aluminum and chrome finished trim, and sunroof.

As for the interior, there’s a chrome ringed odometer, which by the way registers a mouth watering 180 miles per hour and aluminum trimmed steering wheel. Although, the overall look of this V-Series sedan is sporty, it is a sedan in nature, allowing for plenty of leg room for family members and passengers, alike.

As far as the 2006 V-Series, in all honesty, it’s the new STS-V and XLR-V, that take center stage. These new supercharged Cadillac’s represent and historical combination of speed, technology and overall craftsmanship. And when Cadillac says “craftsmanship”, they mean it. In fact, each individual engine is hand built by a single expert craftsman at the factory.

But don’t think that expert craftsmanship comes at a cheap price, these new 2006 Cadillac V-Series range in price from $50,000 for the CTS-V to over $120,000 for the new convertible XLR-V Series.

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