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vinny standing in front of a classic cadillac in Las Vegas

About OUR Cadillac Site

My Name is Vinny and I am from New York City and I am a fan of Cadillac's. Although as I am writing this I don't actually own a Cadillac but over the years I have been fortunate enough to have owned several. Some that I have been lucky to own are a 1962 Cadillac convertible and a new 1994 Cadillac Eldorado among others.

Although my taste changes from time to time I will always love Cadillacs. I am quite surprised that I haven't bought an Escalade yet. I am sure that as time goes by I will be picking one up.

I enjoy going to auto shows and taking pictures of all the older Cadillacs and meeting the people that own them. Pictured on the left is me in Las Vegas at the Auto Collection show in the Imperial Palace casino. It seems to be one of my favorite places to go and I am there usually 3 or 4 times a year. The Cadillac is a 1954 Fleetwood. I try to stay out of the pictures but for this page I wanted you to learn more about me and to show you my handsome self in case you see me at a car show you can say Hi.

What OUR Cadillac site is all about

After talking to a few of my friends I decided to make a website about Cadillacs. A few of my friends have also owned Cadillac's over the years. When my buddy Fred couldn't find a part for his 1971 Cadillac he asked me to do a search and I couldn't find the part he needed so I decided that there was a need for other Cadillac owners that were searching for older parts for their cars. We have members from all over the United States and even have a few fans over in Europe. We all share stories and I post them up here so others can benefit from our trials and errors.

Since I was already doing searches and starting to learn how to do webpage's I might as well make this site so others can find what they are looking for. So that is what this site is slowly becoming a help site for other Cadillac owners.

Some our members want to help others like Tom from Texas who shared his Cadillac restoration with us. Some members have shared places they found some vintage Cadillac parts. As you can see we are all about helping each other.

Along the way I have found a few companies that sell some stuff that owners need like accessories or floor mats so I pass these along. I have worked a few deals where they pay me a small commission and that helps keep the site going. You should know that I would never place a link on this site that leads to some company just because they want to pay me, I am an honest guy. If you have a car parts site that you think will be of value to our Cadillac owners and fans send me an email. My email address is Vinny(at)

We want others to participate and use the Cadillac Blog by leaving comments and helping others. This is where I put information that I find as I journey through cyberspace. Feel free to post and place some pictures of your Cadillac. Don't be shy! Come on over and join our new Cadillac forum, you can meet other fans and owners and get tips. We also have an album section where you can upload your pictures for all to see.

Thanks for reading my site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did building it. Bookmark it to a favorite and come back as I am always adding new pages. Join the newsletter so when I update the site you will be the first to know.

This site is not affiliated with General Motors or Cadillac. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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