Cadillac Club December Update

I know it has been a while since our last update and I am sorry. Between updating the software, returning to Phoenix, and keeping up with my other websites it has been a struggle. I promise I will get back to a regular email schedule soon.

Our club has seen a recent uptick in members signing up. That is encouraging since we had been on a slight decline of late with older members passing away. Getting emails from their loved ones telling me to stop sending emails because the member has passed away is always tough. Sometimes it is strange that it is usually someone that doesn’t email me or leave comments they just like reading the site. I can’t tell you how many times I deleted someones email that has been with the group since near the beginning but had no interaction with me.

Cadillac Country Club T-Shirts

We now have t-shirts for the club. I am not sure why I didn’t have these made years ago but like they say better late than never. I was doing some work on a website for a t shirt company and they asked me if I needed t shirts for one of my sites and I had them make me up these.

I have to set up a shopping cart, which will be the next email but I wanted to give you a sneak preview. The front of the shirts are the same but when it comes to the back you have 2 choices. You can get one with a red Cadillac or a blue Cadillac. Our sizes are Medium, Large, XL, and I do have a limited amount of 2xl. I have to figure out shipping and stuff especially for international members. The cost will be around $20. You will have more info in the next newsletter. Below is a sample pic.  cadillacfront_90198_s.jpg

We have a huge list of Cadillacs that are being auctioned off on eBay. These are updated in almost real time. There are a wide variety of models and years. Our club gets a small percentage from eBay when a car is sold.
After a flat month in October, General Motors’ November 2014 sales increased 6.5 percent to 225,818 vehicles sold. While the story for months at GM had been the massive growth within the large truck segment, now small cars, pickups, and the Buick brand have caught up in pace. It was the best November for GMC since 2001, and the best for Buick since 2003.

GM President Dan Ammann and Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen highlight growth plans in luxury brand’s second largest market

SHANGHAI – GM President Dan Ammann and GM Executive Vice President and Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen today discussed the importance of China for Cadillac and upcoming plans for GM’s global luxury brand.

“Global growth and the elevation of Cadillac is one of GM’s most important strategic priorities,” said Ammann. “China…

Cadillac has announced the CT6 will be unveiled in April 2015 at the New York Auto Show. The CT6 will pave the way for a new naming system set to be implemented by Cadillac which promises to become a pure luxury brand and adopt a marketing strategy inspired from rivals such as BMW.
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Is Cadillac Making a Convertible

Looks like Cadillac is planning on making a convertible again. You know I have been harping on making the ATS into a convertible. I just love the idea of a roadster type convertible like the XLR. Car and Driver has a great article on this. I hope they make it and make it affordable. 

Cadillac’s on-again, off-again convertible is reportedly back on again. Read more at Car and Driver.

I love looking at old car commercials and this little clip of Cadillacs from the 1970’s from the tv show “Lets Make a Deal” plays just like a commercial from the 1970’s. To see more click on out 1970’s Cadillac page

Please visit for Classic Car DVD’s! Compiled from the old “Let’s Make a Deal” game show, look at the reactions on the contestents …

The new 2016 Cadillac ATS-V photos are on the internet. Interesting hood and grille.

What It Is: With the CTS having moved up a notch in size and price and no longer straddling the middle ground between compact and mid-size luxury cars, the upcoming CTS-V will no longer do battle with the traditional sports-sedan and -coupe bogeys, BMW’s M3 and its newly rechristened M4 sibling. That’s now left to the ATS seen here, uncovered and powered by a version of the CTS Vsport’s stout twin-turbo V-6.

Why It Matters: If you’re a luxury manufacturer playing in the…

I haven’t been working on the Cadillac site as much as usual because I have been traveling. I had to go to a conference in North Carolina and while we were there I visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Hendrick Motorsports garage. Since most of you are car guys I figured you may want to hear about what happened when we met Jeff Gordon. 

Jeff Gordon Charity Corvette Auction - Awesome Race Fans

Jeff Gordon Charity Corvette Auction – Awesome Race Fans

We were up at Hendrick Motorsports yesterday and we got quite a surprise when Jeff Gordon pulled up in a 2014 Chevy Corvette that was raffled off for his charity. Jeff’s charity for pediatric research raised over $700,000. Get your raffle ticket for next years red 2015 Corvette Stingray …
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Website Update is Live

Last night I went ahead and changed the look and feel of the blog here. Although it looks kind of the same there is huge difference behind the scenes. Our website is now able to be read on a tablet or iPad for the first time without having to squint. While the main site is still not 100% where I want it to be the blog here is almost they way I like it. Sure I could have done a total redesign but like most people I hate change and I am sure our members don’t like change much either.

One thing the new update lets us do is have larger photos on the site. Let’s face it we are all getting older and our eyes are not what they use to be. What made me make the switch mostly was that WordPress the software we use stopped showing comments on the post. To me that is what makes the site work! I love getting comments on the site, wish we would get more actually.

Another thing I updated was the forms here. I can now set up a spot where our members can upload a picture of their car with details without me having to go in and do things like resizing the pictures or formatting the post. All these things are time consuming.

I can also offer the ability to post information about Cadillacs by the members. Sometimes in the comments I wish we had more information. Earle’s comment the other day about what to have in your car when you come across the country is exactly what I wish I could write! Now we can have members create a post. That ability will be coming shortly.

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