Cadillacs at Car Shows

by Vinny O on August 28, 2014

This week was another great week for car shows. Besides the Pep Boys show I blogged about last week I also went to the East Coast Car Associations weekly cruise night at Resorts World. 

This week there was a sweet 1939 Cadillac. Below is a short video. I will have some pictures up either tomorrow or even later on tonight. 

1939 Cadillac – YouTube

Beautiful White 1939 Cadillac with red interior.

Here are some other classic cars from the show. Most of these are from the Legendary Muscle Car Club. Good bunch of guys from the area that have beautiful cars that my camera loves taking pictures of.

East Coast Car Association Car Show – YouTube

Video of the East Coast Car Show at Resorts World Casino in Ozone Park NY. There are some classic cars here including a Indy 500 pace car and a 1939 Cadillac…

Welcome New Member Guy Dittmar

This week we have a new member to our club who has a beautiful 2006 Cadillac XLR. Here is the email from Guy

Well my mom went to the local Cadillac dealer to get her battery checked on her SRX. While she was waiting. The salesman was talking with her and mentions this other car. Well after she looked at it she calls me up and tells me that I better come down here. So I get in my Honda CRV and head on down. I told mom that I wanted to get back into a convertible. But I didn’t see any new ones that Cadillac made. I was looking At the VW EOS. Because it had the dual roofs. (Sunroof and then hard top convertible). Low and behold when I found mom she was already making aragementa with the salesperson on this red 2006 XLR convertible.

Now I didn’t get to test drive it because I’m disabled and had to have it adapted. Which is mainly a left foot pedal that has a bar that goes over to the right. And then a suicide knob on the steering wheel. They had already cleaned it up for another guy. But as I found out later, he went for the vette. As you probably already know these cars are made side by side at the Bowling Green KY corvette plant.

Well about 2 hrs later after all the paperwork was done, she was parked in my driveway then in the garage. Back in 2009 I did sit in a XLR V black when my sister was selling Cadillacs at the dealership. But the price was to rich for me. $109,000, So with trade of my Honda CRV I think the price was around 25-30. But the thing was this beauty only had 20758 miles on her and I purchase her in October of 2012.

She now has around 32 k on her now. But still looks brand new. I get a lot of people asking me about the car. Asking what car is it. Is it a new one. I didn’t think they made those. Etc. but I have had her in a couple shows and even made a couple display boards from the info off the xlr-net site. I have registered with the site and frequent the site almost everyday. There is a big show down here in my area that I have registered her in.

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