Cadillacs Message To Enthusiasts

A few days ago Cadillacs President issued a statement on a new website that Cadillac has called Dare Greatly. I love the idea of him calling out to detractors and while our classic Cadillac fan base doesn’t always agree with what they are doing with new Cadillacs I like the message he is sending. You can read it below or click on the website I linked to above and read it on their site. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Please keep it civilized as I know this is a hot topic with Cadillac Country Club members



Of course, those of you who follow our industry know that, over the last few months, we have already begun to disturb the status quo. In the process, we have unavoidably ruffled some feathers: moving part of our operations from Detroit to New York City; placing Cadillac in charge of its own operational destiny; outlining a plan to dramatically expand the product portfolio; creating a consistent nomenclature for our cars. And yes, as far as the car names go, I know it appears as if we are changing one set of “alphabet soup” names for another, but as they say in the classics, there is “method in the madness.” Have faith, it will all fall precisely and logically into place over time.

Furthermore, if you’ve been following our new product launches, you will know that the latest generation of Cadillac vehicles are among the very best available on the market today. Not only have we impressed every industry expert, the cars have received award after award.

Cadillac is back. The fact is that Cadillac’s resurgence as an automaker of exceptional prowess and producer of superlative automobiles is well underway, and this is reflected in many of the strong gains achieved around the world last year. Cadillac has never produced better product than is available today — and we have only just begun our product offensive—with a single-minded focus to stun friends and foes alike, with one fascinating new Cadillac after another.

While product fascination provides substance for our ambitions, we must also embark on a philosophical shift to match these ambitions.

To once again become the standard for excellence around the globe, we cannot follow any of the examples set by the luxury market “establishment”, nor meekly succumb to preconceived notions about this great brand, or even, perceptions about our rivals. We respect each and every one of our competitors, but Cadillac will chart its own course, and we will speak our own truth.

Cadillac is on a mission to shatter the status quo. Cadillac will lead with highly aspirational products packed with advanced technology, superlative craftsmanship and distinctive design. And a brand character that symbolizes quality and respect. We don’t aim to be the biggest. We aim to be the best, the highly aspirational domain of the few.

In the words of one of the great American presidents, Theodore Roosevelt: “It is not the critic who counts.” Only those who are willing to accept risk, who have the courage to dare greatly, shape the future.

At Cadillac, we are about shaping our future, and with it, the future of the luxury automobile industry.

The presentation of the ATS-V in Los Angeles late 2014, followed by the CTS-V in Detroit in January this year, was the first salvo directly into what constitutes the very essence of the luxury segment. The next reveal under our bold philosophy of excellence will be in New York, on the 31st of March. The unveiling of the CT6 Sedan will be the latest, most daring expression of Cadillac’s ambition.

But that’s not where it ends—as I stated, we have only just begun.

Advanced plans are underway to introduce 8 all-new vehicles before the end of the decade. The transformation of Cadillac is happening all around us. And it has been a while since our industry has witnessed change of this magnitude.

The auto industry is a long-cycle business, and we cannot execute all our plans nor reach all our goals overnight, but Cadillac is now firmly on course to reclaim its rightful place as the iconic, global luxury brand, made in America.
 As we have our supporters, so too we will have our detractors—those who express their discomfort about this bold challenge to the status quo, through criticism and skepticism. We accept these loud protests at the disruption to the established order and understand it means we simply have to work harder and to convey the truth of today to those whose perceptions are still rooted in yesterday.

We know for some it may be a long and arduous journey.

But we are ready.

Thank you.

Johan de Nysschen

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New Member Spotlight Eugene and his 1957 Cadillac El Dorado Seville

Just got a cool email from Eugene from Oregon who wanted to share pic of his 1957 Cadillac El Dorado Seville and his story.

1957 Cadillac El dorado seville

“When I was 18 years old, I started pestering this old man about his cadillac. This went on for 14 years until I got the car. Then after 2 wives later, it was time for me and my cadillac. For the last 8 years I have been restoring the car and just completed it last summer with a total frame off restoration. I am ready to start enjoying her this year now that I am 60 years old! This has been committed relationship.”

Thanks Eugene and welcome to the club. Click here To see more 1957 Cadillac info and pictures.

More Pictures from Apache Junction Car Show

The other day I shared some 1950 Cadillac pictures and Earle left a comment that he was interested in seeing the 1977 Cadillac.

1977 Cadillac front

drivers side 1977 Cadillac

front grille on 1977 Cadillac

trunk of 1977 Cadillac

1977 Cadillac rear

1977 Cadillac front

1977 Cadillac

As you can see by the watermark on the photos I have been using my photography site more and more. My friend made me a cool watermark for the photos so why waste it. If you like to see some more of my pictures come on over to and check out the blog. While you are there sign up for the email and see all the pics I take.

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1950 Cadillac Video from Apache Junction Car Show

Here is a few videos from the car show I went to over the weekend up in Apache Junction. The car show was a lot of fun and a bunch of people asked me where I got the Cadillac Country Club t-shirt which is cool because it shows me they came out great.

First off is a walk around the 1950 Cadillac that is totally custom.

Here is a general over view of the show.

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