Classic Cadillac in Canada

Just saw something interesting that is happening this weekend and if you are up in Canada you may want to check out this 1980 Classic Armored Cadillac. Yes you read that right. I will let the story explain more as I didn’t know this type of Cadillac existed. If you are in the area you may want to take in this show.

There have been quite a few Cadillac’s seen at the car shows up in Minnesota. If you are up in this part of the country check out Minnesota Classic car shows.

Here is a classic that you would never know was really a Cadillac unless you saw it and saw the tag. 1942 Cadillac Flower car.

Something New:

I have been doing a lot of reading about the new Cadillac XTS and if you are looking for information on it head on over to EMG Car Tech. They have a nice selection of articles about the new Cadillac line.

I have been getting a lot of positive emails about our newsletter. Thanks for all the great comments and thanks for being part of our Cadillac club.

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