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 Cadillac Club: Cadillac Accessories

Cadillac Accessories


There are all kinds of Cadillac accessories to choose from depending upon the type of Cadillac youíre looking to buy. However, keep in mind some of these optional accessories can run you well over $20,000 more than the sticker price, thatís virtually another car. So, when choosing the right Cadillac accessory, be sure itís what you want and worth the added dollars. However, if youíre truly going to ride in luxury and money is no object, then hereís a few of the Cadillacís best and brightest optional features.

So, letís take a look at some of the available options and accessories for next years Cadillac line. Rather youíre interested in a Carbon Fiber engine cover for your new Cadillac CTS or the custom body moldings on the Cadillac STS, thereís an endless amount of options for everyone. One sure option that has mouths dropping is those 18Ē chrome wheels that are available only on the Cadillac DTS. However, there is an accessory available on the SRX in an 18 inch forged aluminum alloy wheel and of course there are the 20 inch alloy wheels available on the Escalade, but thatís still not chrome. You can read more about rims on the Cadillac rims page.

Free Shipping at AutoAnything 180x150Thereís custom Custom Floor Mats, trunk mats, and even custom vehicle covers for those die-hard Cadillac fans, the Cadillac accessory and options are endless. There are even optional bike racks for those Cadillac owners who actually plan on using their SUV for something more than a luxury ride. But if youíre truly into the bling-bling of owning a Cadillac, you might want to take a look at the newest versions of Cadillacís, the V-series. Custom accessories for the V-series include forged alloy wheels, which show off the CTS-Vís large rotors and calipers, in addition, the highly polished finish adds an even bigger spark.

Thereís the optional Performance Exhaust System with dual stainless steel tips, cross-drilled brakes that offer the driver racecar technology in a vehicle for everyday road use. As well, you may find yourself opting for the Performance Shock package, available on the CTS-V, which helps enhance handling, all Performance Shock packages are tuned on Germanyís famed Nurburgring racetrack. Now, thatís a Cadillac Accessory!

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