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Cadillac Accessory Newsletter

The nice people at Stan' auto repair has supplied us with a weekly newsletter that will provide you with car care tips for all makes and model cars. Although this site is basically for Cadillac's we feel it is an important benefit for our readers and members. The newsletter will have basic car car tips as well as the latest in accessories. If you like the newsletter sign up for ours on the top right hand corner. 

One of the first accessories that you should get for your new Cadillac is a well-made (and durable) car cover. Ultra Violet sun rays are one of the biggest hazards for your Cadillac's finish and paint. U.V. rays can leave your car's paint weathered and repulsive. In addition to the sun's hazardous rays, dust, dirt, chemicals (acid rain) and nasty bird droppings can permanently damage the car's finish. To insure that you get the best protection, ensure that you get a snug fitting, synthetic material, such as polyester, to keep out the elements, while protecting your finish from scratches and wear.

Getting the right Rims can make the difference between having a great Cadillac ride and having an excellent Cadillac ride. Rims make your car stand out, are excellent for increasing the value of your car and also impress everyone that sees them - they add glamour! Chrome rims are the way to go these days. Chrome is incredibly durable, gives the car increased handling (as opposed to rims from the factory), and is so easy to clean - dirt just wipes away. Getting great rims may cost a bit more, but the appeal to passerby's, as well as the pride you feel from having a showy ride more than makes up for it.

Another excellent accessory for your Cadillac is a quality bumper guard. Bumper guards come in a variety of types, shapes, and colors. They are the best way to protect your car from the occasional dings and bumps that occur every day. If you drive your car regularly in the city, or in parking garages, or even park at the mall or on the street - for almost any parking condition - you need a quality plastic or vinyl bumper guard. Bumper guards also come in stainless steel and chrome plated - a perfect match for those chrome rims you just installed.

What is the first thing people see when you come cruising down the street? The grille of your Cadillac! So why wouldn't you want it to impress? There are a large variety of grilles available on the market. Having the perfect Cadillac grille will promote just the exact right blend of excellence and elegance that will make people not only notice you, but will have them breaking their necks for a second (and third...) look! A spoiler can make all the difference in your Cadillac's appearance. If you have noticed some newer cars are coming with spoilers out of the factory.

A spoiler gives style, grace and the appearance of a race car to an already stylish and fancy ride. One of the best reasons to get a spoiler for your Cadillac is its dual functionality. Not only does it add style and sportiness to the car, it also is aerodynamic and will save you money (in the form of increased gas mileage). In addition to the normal fin spoilers, there are also lip spoilers that add sleekness and fuel economy to the Cadillac.

Adding the right accessories to your Cadillac is about style and attention. One of the best ways to get attention is with High Intensity headlights. High Intensity Halogen or Xenon lights make your Cadillac look sharp and just plain cool. The new generation of High Intensity lights are several times brighter (yet still perfectly legal) than normal factory headlights, and with the new increased radiance, they are almost like driving with your own personal daylight shining in front of you. They are very cool, sleek, sexy, and best of all, they make your night driving so much safer than it has ever been before.

All of the accessories listed here will help pimp out your ride, increase the value of you Cadillac, make you the talk of the town, and all with the added benefit of increasing the safety and longevity of your Cadillac!

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