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Cadillac Cien


Every once in a while a car designer gets to play God and design a concept car, thereís no budget, no compliance issues to worry about, and most of all its just fun! As the 100th anniversary of the Cadillac rolled around, the engineers at General Motors, Cadillacís parent company, were waiting with sweaty palms to get their brains together to come up with the ultimate concept car- thus the birth of the Cadillac Cien.

As one starts to describe this car, you can almost hear the echoing of men grunting in the background, itís definitely a muscle car for the new millennium. This concept car comes with a 7.5-liter, V12 power plant engine, which by the way, is displayed through a transparent shield, not just science, but art.

Continuing on this masterpiece has an all-aluminum dual overhead cam four-valve V12 engine that generates a whopping 750 horsepower and 450 pounds of pure torque. But thatís not even the half of it- this carís body and chassis are produced from carbon fiber composites, A.K.A. race car technology.

Want to know more about this car? How about a quick tour of its two-seat interior? Not to mention a control panel that resembles a fighter jet, thereís night vision, OnStar, Ultrasonic rear parking, and Communiport, which is basically the newest in automobile computers, integrating audio, computing, navigation, and wireless communication through hands-free voice guidance and activation.

Thereís an LCD screen that displays all information about the vehicleís functions, as well as, images from the rearview camera, yes camera. As well, this car comes equipped with Formula 1 inspired column mounted electronic paddles that control the semi-automatic transmission.

The Cadillac Cien will most likely go down in history as a one-of-a-kind concept car. Most likely, Cadillac will never actually build this car for re-sale, but one should never say ďneverĒ. However, it does give the public a look into the future, not only for Cadillac, but for other car makers, as well. As we journey through the next decade, we may see more cars taking on the appearance and science of fighter jets and Formula 1 race cars, now thatís a concept.

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