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Cadillac Club: Cadillac MaintenanceCadillac Cleaning Supplies

Cadillac Cleaning Supplies

Well so far there is only a few websites to get all your cleaning supplies for your Cadillac and one of those is Drivewerks. They have a large selection of Care Care Products! Why take your car to the car wash when you can do a better job cleaning your Cadillac at home and save money in the process. The people at most car washes don't care about your Cadillac like you do so they wouldn't give the time that you would to clean your car.

Drivewerks cares about your car as much as you do. Their car care products are second to none when it comes to getting you Cadillac clean. Your caddy will retain its value at the time of trade in if you protect it from the elements.

Dry Car Wash System

 With everyone trying to save the environment these days I have something that  should be in everyone's caddy Splendor Carwash. This is great to wash your car especially if you don't want to go to a car wash. Just a few minutes wiping down your Caddy and its clean. You can see a demo on their website Splendor Carwash.

One thing that always bothers me is when my garage is a mess. I wash my Cadillac and put it in the garage and it just doesn't look right. I spend hours sometimes getting my garage back in good shape. I get out the broom and sweep up all the dirt (and dust) then I apply some water with the mop and all is back to normal. 

One thing I have noticed over the years is before you start cleaning your interior its easier to get new floor mats rather then trying to clean them. It saves time and you never get them looking like new anyway. Custom Floor Mats - FROM $19.95 (Hot Seller)


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