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Cadillac Club: Cadillac Concept Cars

Concept Cars From Cadillac

Have you seen some of these cars that have almost been built

Over the years Cadillac has had a few concept cars built and although most never see the light of day when it comes to mass producing them some ideas from those cars actually make it into production cars. Over the years I have filmed a few cars at Auto Shows that I thought would be built. The Provoq was one of these, the Converj I really thought we would see but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Cadillac Converj

You can see our pictures of the Converj here. I loved this Cadillac but hated the name because I could never spell it correctly.

Cadillac Cien - Really cool looking car that we kind of knew wouldn't get made in mass production. With a big V12 engine that had the technology to run using one a few cylinders, it was ahead of its time. It made its debut at the 2002 Detroit auto show. Here is some more information about the Cadillac Cien.

Cadillac Provoq - I have a few dozen pictures of this car from the New York auto show that I need to get up.

Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept - We filmed this at the New York Auto Show in 2011 and it was really a hit. The engine is a little small but then again so is the whole car itself. You can see the video below.


Cadillac Ciel - Announced in August of 2011 it is the Cadillac that combines both new and old Cadillac looks. I really like this car and I hope to see it in showrooms soon.

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