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Cadillac Dealer

When looking to buy a Cadillac at a dealer the best thing we can tell you is to shop around. Don't settle for the first Cadillac dealership that you come across.  As with any large purchase it is wise to shop around before putting down your hard earned money.

Ask around and consult your friends to see if they have purchased a car recently and  find out if they had a good experience with a dealer. Most dealers will give you a very good price on a car but that is not their best price. Trust me I have been there.

2004 Cadillac and 2005 Cadillac

My brother just purchased a 2004 Cadillac Deville DHS leftover from a dealer and here is what I have learned from his purchase. My brother loves a bargain so when he realized he can save some money on the 2004 model instead of getting a 2005 Cadillac STS he did so. He was very sure of the color car that he wanted. He really wanted a black exterior and a black interior. As he went from dealer to dealer that said over the phone they had a 2004 model in these colors. They all tried to push a 2005 Cadillac on him which was never going to work as he was set on saving the money by getting a 2004 Cadillac. 

He went to 7 or 8 dealers and this was his experience in all but one where they had the 2004 Cadillac in his colors that he wanted. He ended up buying it on the spot. He saved over $10,000 in the process and got a new car that he wanted.

I realize that this is not the normal way they conduct business but when a customer knows EXACTLY what they want they should not mislead someone just so they can get them into the dealership. With all the new Cadillac 2005's STS and Deville's coming on to the lots my brother realized a way to save money on the car he wanted was by getting a 2004 leftover. He only had that amount in his budget for a new car so there was no way he was going to buy a 2005 at all.

When he is ready to trade in this Cadillac you can bet that he will only go to the Cadillac dealership that he bought this car from. BTW the car is sweet. I will give a review in a few weeks, I still can't believe the deal he got on it. Before you go looking be sure to go to and get a price quote on a new Cadillac This will save you tons of time driving around from dealer to dealer. You should also pick up the latest Consumer Reports magazine and see what reviews they have conducted. It may give you a better idea of the features that you want when you are buying a new car.

In 2011 Cadillac announced that it is doing some changes in their dealerships to update with the times. You can read more about it on our Cadillac Forum.

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