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Repair Dents and Scratches on your Cadillac

You have been thinking about what story you are going to tell the wife all the way home. The light post in the shopping mall parking lot came out of no where. It couldn’t have been there last week. However, this week your Cadillac and the light post where formally introduced to each other. They now know each other on a first name basis and your Cadillac has the evidence on its rear quarter panel - a nice fat dent.

 Although there are no hard and fast statistics on the issue, everyone’s Cadillac will get a dent at one time or another. How much you pay to get it removed depends on where and how you get it fixed. The size of the dent also comes into play.

Got To Have a Dent Puller

Be aware of the differences between a crash and a dent. A crash involves severe force and the impact can torque and/or bend the vehicle’s frame. A dent involves very little force. If there is creasing in the metal or the underlying supporting structures are affected then seek a professional body shop. Or, if you do have the necessary knowledge you can undertake the endeavor using a wide assortment of body repair tools

The back-up into the light pole can be fixed before anyone else even knows about it. The body shop can now come to you. Paint less and non-invasive methods are available for the do it yourselfer.  

Dents ranging in size from a few centimeters to 3 or 4 inches can be removed is a span of about 15 minutes. If you do it correctly, there is usually little to no evidence of dent repair left behind. 

So don’t worry about it. You may never even have to do any explaining. Your secret will be between the light post and you.  You can find a good Dent Puller on EBay and save money.

One size does not fit all. 

Paintless dent removal is not the cure all for every dent.  There are a number of different factors that restrict this particular technique. One concern is how much of the Cadillac’s metal was stretched on impact. Pulling on already stretched metal can make matters worse by furthering distortion which in turn leads to paint problems.  

Then there is the condition of the paint which has to be considered. This type of repair should only be performed on vehicles with OEM paint. If your Cadillac has been repainted, or the dented area has previously been repainted, then seek an alternative form of repair. Aftermarket paint will tear right away from the Cadillac. 

Removing the dent from your Cadillac. 

The Dent Out Paintless Dent Repair kits are designed to provide an effective and easy means of removing a dent. There are different kits designed for different sized dents and degrees.  

Here are the basic steps to fixing a dent. They will show you just how easy it has become: 

  1. Attempt to bring your Cadillac’s external temperature to between 55 and 90 degree Fahrenheit. Use the yellow glue sticks for cool weather 55-75 and red for warm 55-75. The adhesive can become extremely hot in excess of 300 degrees. Severe burns may occur if the glue comes in contact with your skin. The use of protective gloves is highly recommended.
  2. Give your Cadillac a thorough washing and remove any surface dirt and wax in the immediate area with polish. 
  3. Clean the area of the dent with the supplied release agent using a lint free cloth. Then clean the surface of the tab with the supplied release agent as well.  (Caution: the release agent is flammable – do not smoke)
  4. Apply the hot adhesive to the tab. Be Careful not to apply too much as any drips may cause severe burns.
  5. Either visually judge or measure the center of the dent. Use a dry eraser marker to mark the center. Place the tab softly on the center of the dent and hold in place for 10 seconds. Allow to cure 2 to 3 minutes. (DO NOT push the tab firmly against the dent! The more adhesive kept between the tab and the dent the more strength it will have.)
  6. Attach the slide hammer to the tab and gently drag the weight to the end of the shaft. Slowly increase the force of each blow until the desired result is achieved.
  7. To remove the adhesive and the tab, simply apply 1-2 drops of the release agent to the adhesive and peel it off.
  8. Occasionally a high spot will occur. To level the spot use a rubber hammer and the supplied finishing tool and lightly tap the high spot until it is level with the surrounding surface.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 until the desired results have been achieved.

All the tools that you need can be found on DriveWerks.

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