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Cadillac Club: Cadillac Concept Cars : Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept

Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept

Small Car Big Features in a Sleek Design

We First saw this car at the 2011 New York Auto Show. Right away it was the star of the show for me as I could see where Cadillac was heading in the future with the small car design. I don't know if we will see this car on the street as it is shown here but I am sure we will see some of the technology in future Cadillacs.

I could easily see this car on the streets of New York, maybe it will be changed to Chevy Volt technology and be Cadillacs first all electric car who knows.

I transcribed the video so you can hear all the details of this concept car as I heard it from the Cadillac representative.

Now this design weaves iconic Cadillac elements into a form that breaks free from conventional design and fits the needs of the urban motorist. Now the result of this car is to have a smaller exterior footprint while you have a roomy interior. The wheel base is 97.1 inches while the overall length is 151 inches. That roomy interior is made possible by a 68.1 inch stance and 56.9 inch height. In fact the entire exterior design of this vehicle is need to maximize passenger space, so for example these large scissor-like doors make entry and exit effortless even in the tightest urban parking spaces.

Now with a push of a button these doors push away from the body and they rotate and then they rotate in a seamless and elegant motion and ones they are open they leave a really large opening. You will see once this car spins around. You can actually step right in to the backseat of this car.

Now the interior is sleek, the minimalist approach, what you will see is that there are beautiful amenities inside that you have come to expect from a Cadillac so you will have gray and blue leather interior that is contrasted by a fabric that was chosen for its high tech look and feel. Now that fabric is usually used to in contour of clothing but you will see it in here on the seats, on the instruments panel as well as on part of the door panel as well.

Now there are other beautiful accents inside of this vehicle for instance we have brush aluminum detail, we also have ceramic materials, in addition to ambient lighting that adds a real upscale aura to the vehicle and that is complimented by the ultramodern glow of our Tanzanite touch-screen display. Now you will see a lot of touch-screen display in this vehicle because our center console of controls has been completely eliminated. We have replaced that with a divided interface that is touch-screen to save space on the inside. You will also see projection screens on either side of our speedometer and that speedometer is gorgeous.

It is an analogue speedometer that looks like a fine timepiece. Now the front row passenger seat slides back and reclines in order to give you a really comfortable seating position. That front passenger seat also folds down flat and when it does on the back of it you will find an integrated instant car seat docking station which is a convenient touch for modern parents. Now the technology of this vehicle continues under the hood where designers have come up with a turbo charge 1 liter,3-cylinder engine that is a hybrid and this is also going to have technology like electric assist, engine start stop, regenerative breaking and a dry dual clutch transmission.

And how is this for urban efficiency. Engineers estimate that at this car went into production; it would get 56 miles per gallon in the city and 65 miles per gallon on the highway. Those are some pretty impressive numbers for Cadillac or any vehicle for that matter. So this is the Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept, it is changing the way that we think about a Cadillac. You have luxury in a small fuel efficient vehicle. Now one little bit of technology I wanted to show you on the inside and that is a touch pad computer that is integrated in to the dashboard.

Now that computer is completely detachable. The passenger can take it away from the dashboard and then use it to do things like downloading music play lists or they can look up driving directions and then once they have those directions we can send that information over to the driver's head-up display. We have a great high definition head-up. Now the driver is looking at the directions which have been projected on to the windshield and here she has never had to take hands off the wheel or eyes off of the road, a huge safety measure. If there is no passenger in the car the driver can interact with vehicle via the OnStar Voice Recognition software.

Now speaking of OnStar, OnStar is having a promotion right now, it is called push it. They want you to go ahead and push it, the OnStar button, if you have a GM vehicle and you will be eligible to win one of 10 of your GM dream cars. You get to choose if you win from a Chevy if you have a GMC or Cadillac everything except the Chevy Volt for some reason but go home push that button that you have never pushed before and if you don't have a GM car go ahead online to and you can enter right their homepage of no obligation.

So I want to thank you so much for visiting our Cadillac display today. If you have any questions find one of the product specialists on the floor today. They will be able to send you more information at home or take your email and email you some more information. And as soon as you sign up with them, you also become eligible to receive invitations like to golf outings or culinary events or to ride and drive so make sure you take advantage of that opportunity as well. Again, thank you so much for visiting and please let us know if you have any questions.

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