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 Cadillac Club: Cars Shows : Car Show

Las Vegas Car Show Imperial Palace Casino

Sweet 1953 Cadillac Ghia Concept Car

As you have probably seen on the other pages that I have here on the site the car show at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas is something special for Cadillac fans. Heck if you like classic cars you need to find a way to see these. There was 5 or 6 Cadillac's at the show and a few stand out but the one that really had me checking it out for a long time was this 1953 Cadillac Ghia that was once owned by Rita Hayworth.

Now everyone that loves Cadillac's knows and loves it when they are black. It is one of the more popular colors but this car has gold highlights that really make it stand out. I am sorry that I did not have my good camera with me. These pictures really do not show off how good this car really looked. The gold that goes down the side along with the matching gold rims really would make any Car owner proud to call this baby his own.

This car has been featured on the cover of Road & Track magazine, that should tell you what a sweet ride this would be. It really is a flamboyant luxury car for it's time that's for sure. I really wish I knew the whole story on this car and I wonder where the other one is as there was only 2 of these cars built. That's right this is a 1 of 2 you can't really get more rare that that.

1953 cadillac picture from front side view of 1953 cadillac interior picture of steering wheel in Cadillac right side picture of cadillac picture of rear bumper of 1953 cadillac

Like I have said time and time again these pictures really do not do this car justice. Believe it or not all the cars at the Imperial Palace Casino are for sale. You can go there or even call them and ask what type of Cadillac's they currently have for sale.

rear bumper 1953 cadillac gold rims on cadillac at the las vegas car show cadillac with gold trim close up picture of rear tailights on a 1953 cadillac


If you notice the taillights are not typical of Cadillac's from this era. In fact they remind me of another custom Cadillac that was also at the show a 1949 Cadillac custom Fastback that had a mercury tail on it. The front grille consists of gold-anodized, vertical grille bars. The interior of this classic is trimmed tan leather and really looks sharp. This Cadillac has gold Cadillac script emblems at the rear edge of both front fenders. The Cadillac crest adorns the hood, and the stock 1953 Cadillac rims and wheel covers have been replaced with a set of gold-anodized, aluminum alloy wheels. Funny thing is these were not available until 1955 or so. In fact they remind me of another custom Cadillac that was also at the show a 1949 Cadillac custom Fastback that had a Mercury tail on it. Please check back as I am always adding pages and plan on adding another 20 from this show. Here are some from the 1906 Cadillac from the car show. You can also see more on our Car Shows page.


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