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Cadillac Club: Classic Cadillac

Classic Cadillac's

All the Cadillac models and features from the Cadillac's from the 1950's thru to 1970 models. Read all about the way the features changed over the years. The pages are designed to go from one page to the other. You will see links to the next year on the bottom of each page so you can browse through Cadillacs by the year. Have fun cruising through the site and see the interesting changes Cadillac made and made the company the best.

The 1950 Cadillac of luxury and speed.
Do you own a 1950 Cadillac or you are looking for information about all the models that came out in 1950 we explain what made 1950 a popular year for the Cadillac.

The farewell of the cheap Cadillac - The 1951 Cadillac 61 series.
1951 was a strange year for the Cadillac as it stopped making the 61 series that year. Read all about the other model Cadillac's that came out in 1951.

1952 Cadillac - The golden anniversary.
What changed in 1952 to Cadillac's were a drastic change to earlier years. They added a big v-8 engine among other things.

Special editions and show cars: the 1953 Cadillac.
1953 Cadillac's had special features like chrome wire wheels, leather interior and more. Come read about the classic show cars from 1953.

1953 Cadillac Car Show Las Vegas
This classic was once owned by Rita Hayworth and can be seen at the Imperial Palace Casino on the Las Vegas strip. It is black with gold trim and is a must see.

The 1954 Cadillac Eldorado.
1954 was the year for the Cadillac Eldorado, this car changed the way cars were made in future years.

1955 Cadillac: Bigger and better.
What changed during the 1955 year had an impact on Cadillac's for the rest of the late 1950's. Read all about the 1955 Cadillac and what changes were made to the cars.

1956 Cadillac models: The new breed.
The Cadillac that was introduced in 1956 was a real crowd pleaser among Cadillac owners. The Eldorado Seville was by far the biggest seller of the year.

The 1957 Cadillac of luxury: The Brougham.
1957 Cadillac's brought us the famous shark fins. The Brougham the king of luxury cars was introduced to us.

1958 Cadillac a slump in sales.
The recession affected sales of Cadillac's in 1958 but they still improved some features on the cars like the rain sensor. The shark fins got a little bigger too.

1959 Cadillac - The year of the tail fin.
What is it about the 1959 Cadillac that made car owners either love them or hate them. This classic Cadillac with the shark fins is highly sought after among collectors.

1960 Cadillac: Downplaying the excess of the 1950's.
1960 Cadillac's started a bit more conservative than the flair of the 1950's models. The cars became sleeker over the years starting with the 1960 Cadillac.

1961 Cadillac changes towards the future.
1961 Cadillac's were even more conservative than the 1960 models. Smaller tailfins and a sleeker design made these cars more of a luxury item among owners.

1962 Cadillac: 60 years of luxury and style.
The 60th anniversary of Cadillac, More cars in production and you could even get one with a power antenna. Once again these cars took a more conservative approach.

1963 Cadillac - Lighter than air.
1963 Cadillacs more power and more sales among these models. A longer car and the new shape of the V-shaped grill were among the new features. Pictured is a 1963 white coupe that was at an auto show in Las Vegas.

1964 Cadillac - Long and lean
Long and lean are what made these Cadillacs stand out from earlier models. A new transmission and headlights that sensed nightfall all on their own. These Cadillacs were very similar to the 1963 models.

1965 Cadillac changes.
1965 Cadillacs really didn't change much in this year except they became lighter and the taillights and headlights changed a bit. It is also the year that Cadillac rolled out the 3 millionth car.

1966 Cadillac - head of the pack and some new models.
1966 Cadillac had record sales even though the cars didn't change much that year. The front bumper and headlights changed and twelve models were featured that year.

1967 Cadillac - Cool and quiet.
1967 Cadillac was the first one made with front wheel drive. The Eldorado was a real crowd pleaser as it was quite different. See what other changes Cadillac had in store for it's fans.

1968 Cadillac: Power and performance.
A huge engine with more power was among the changes that were made to the 1968 Cadillac. They also updated more features to the inside of their cars. They also featured more colors than in previous years.

1969 Cadillac - Another record year for Cadillac.
Some more changes to the Cadillac made sales better as the 1960's came to an end. The popular El Dorado had a few changes from years past.

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