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Cadillac Club: Cadillac Maintenance: Clean Your Cadillac

How To Clean Your Cadillac

Cadillac Cleaning Tips

Many people prefer to wash their own Cadillac's rather than take them to the local car wash. Although a car wash will do a good job, and is inexpensive, many people enjoy the time outside on a summer day, washing their Cadillac and enjoying the outdoor activity. Itís far more common to go to the car wash when the weather is not as conducive to washing to it yourself.

There are many recommendations on the best way to do this. To begin with, what should you use to wash the Cadillac? Lots of people use dish detergent. (NOT ME) Its inexpensive, washes well and you always have it on hand. It isnít a bad thing to use, but it has some drawbacks. Based on what dish detergent is designed to remove from dishes, it can do some damage to the wax on your Cadillac. If you like to wash and wax weekly, this is not an issue. But, if your preference is to do it less often, it may be worth looking at other alternatives to wash with. There are actual washes, also called car shampoos, made to serve this purpose. They will frequently have a gloss enhancer to make your Cadillac shine when youíre done. Donít use a powder cleaner; these may scratch your paint.

picture of a kid washing a carMix the washes in a bucket of cool water. Hot water can affect the wax on your Cadillac, softening it and destroying its usefulness. Once your bucket is ready, gently spray the Cadillac all over. Then respray each area as you wash, so the Cadillac is not dry when youíre working on it. Use a sponge, lint free cloth, or mitt to apply the wash. Some people are very picky on what the best thing to use is. Many feel that a sponge is a bad choice and that it will scratch the paint because it tends to hold the dirt in more.

Once your Cadillac is clean, rinse it off and get ready to dry it. There are some lazy people who think the best way to dry the Cadillac is a quick ride around the block on a hot day and so air-drying the Cadillac. Yes people do this I have heard this many times believe it or not. This is usually a bad idea, as the dampness will only pick up passing dirt, making the Cadillac dirty all over again. Use good soft towels to do your drying with. This avoids scraping the paint or wax. Dry the same way you washed--one section at a time.

One tip on cleaning that may be appreciated by all is what to do when birds leave their mark on your Cadillac. Bird poop is very acidic so can eat through the paint. That means you should get it off as soon as possible. Some people carry a bottle of soda water with them in their Cadillac to use for just this problem. Shake it up and spray it off until you can get to a gas station or home to properly clean it. Keeping your Cadillac clean adds to its appearance as well as maintains a covering that will prevent rust.

Tips For Waxing Your Cadillac

Like washing a car, waxing your Cadillac can be done at home or by the professionals at a car care shop. Many car washes even include waxing as part of the total package if you donít mind paying a little more. The detailer shop that offers waxing as a part of their service will have the electric buffers to shine it up at the end, but if you do it yourself, youíll be happily surprised at how good your Cadillac will look when it's done without the help of any experts.

When preparing your Cadillac for a home waxing job, first clean it, and then park it in the shade, so the Cadillac is not too hot. This is another good reason for a covered carport. If the Cadillac is excessively hot, the wax will simply bake itself onto the Cadillac. When deciding which wax to use, read the ingredients. Some have abrasives in them and this can damage many Cadillac finishes and paints. Therefore itís better to use instead a wax that contains no abrasives in it. When you have the wax you think is best to use, take your damp cloth or sponge, and dip it into the wax, removing a ping-pong ball size mass to begin with.

Rub the wax in by means of a circular motion. Keep the wax out of joints, door jams, or anywhere else that it might get caught. If you lose some into those spots, the best thing to use is an old toothbrush to get it out. You donít want wax in those areas. Start at one end of the Cadillac and slowly head towards the other end. Continue the gentle circular motions as you go. When you get to the far end, the place you started from will be ready for you to begin removing the wax.

Use a soft towel, preferably one you donít intend on putting back with the ones you use daily. Now wipe the wax off, starting in the area you began. Make sure that you do this step immediately following putting the wax on. if it stays on too long, it will be very difficult to remove.

One important thing to consider when you wax your own Cadillac is how frequently do you want to have to do it. If not too often is the first thought that comes to mind, then the better the wax you use, the less often your Cadillac will require this type of care. Most detailers will have a favorite brand they like to use, but at the same time, theyíll tell you that carnauba wax is the best there is. It costs a little more, but is much easier to spread, seals better and wipes off better at the end. When youíre done waxing your Cadillac, step back and look with pride at a job well done. Here are more tips on Cadillac maintenance.

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