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Cadillac Club: Comments about the site

Comments From Readers


I get comments from all over the world that I would love to share with you all. Most are thankful for all the information that is here and some want to share pictures.

Hi Vinny

I love the site, I own an 81 Deville, one of those ones with the 368 fuel injected, and econo system. It still needs a paint job, but I have been restoring the old girl back to her former glory. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will be taking it out for it's first run since it has been certified, insured and plated again. There may be a few bugs to iron out, since it has been sitting for 7 years, 2 of them with me owning it and fixing it up. I will send you some pics of it soon. Thanks.



I have found a 57 Eldorado Brougham. Body number off the the Fisher plate is # 384. I was amazed to see it, I knew nothing about the car until this afternoon. It belongs to someone I know and may go for sale in the future.

It is an un-restored car from California. No visible rust, the interior is in nice condition, the bat-wing air cleaner sits on the twin 4-barrels.

The stainless roof is impressive.

The owner has others, including a Series 60 car with twin bullet tailights, maybe a ' 58.

I just wanted people to know that # 384 has been found, you can put it down as alive and in good shape.

From New England,



Hi Vinny....I just bought a 62 Deville to restore and found your site through Google, but wanted to share a FANTASTIC parts site that I found. It's Well laid out and I am NOT affiliated with them, just found the parts that I needed including part numbers. All you members should know about it, but I don't know how to "get it known".

Calvin in Knoxville, TN



thanks Vinny , Im john from London England and have been a Cadillac owner and fan for many years , I've owned a 72 coupe deville that l bought in 74 when we
had a fuel crisis then a fantastic 76 fleetwood , the love of my life , then a 85 Fleetwood with velvet seats yuk !! then l bought a eldorado from Miami and
shipped it to London and own "elvis " from 88 until 94 when l sold it and bought a Buick station wagon , but luckily in 2004 l found "elvis " again on eBay and
am about to start renovating him back to life , its a black Biarritz with rolls grill and continental wheel on the back and wire wheels , l am thinking of
shipping him back to the states and have the work done there !! any good renovators that you know of , would be a great help !
l have a friend who live at Hicksville and in the early 80s l lived in garden city and bought a coupe de ville from tiffany scott cadillac ,
lm not too excited about new cadillacs and would like to but a 93 94 fwd fleetwood , im going to visit my friends in the spring and hopefully buy one , thank
you for the web site , im hooked , all the best john

My name is Tony, I've just joined your club. I have a 1974 Cadillac hearse.I didn't keep it a stock car, I've done some hot rod mods to it. I also have a 67 coupe deville, that one will remain mostly stock. I don't have any pictures to add just yet (our camera is acting up). I do have pictures of my hearse on my myspace( ). there are pictures of my 76 and 74 on there. I've driven hearses for the last 11 yrs- and I can't imagine driving anything but an old Caddy!


Hello Vinny,

Iím a Cadillac enthusiast from Mexico and I would like to share some pictures of our 50 and 52 cadys that my wife and I are restoring. I saw some excellent pictures from the site that are very interesting to follow the correct way to rebuild the cars. 

Thanks and best regards.

Gerardo Roman Aguilar


Hey Vinny,

Thanks for your e-mail newsletter & I think your site is the BOMB!! I just purchased my dream ride; a 1972 Coupe de Ville. My Pops had one when I was younger and I just loved the thing; told myself that one of these day I must own one. Now I do! I got it from the second owner and he didn't even drive it that much. The beast only has 76000 original miles on it. The first owner bought it new from a dealer in Carmel, CA. as a third vehicle and drove it very little(on weekend I have found out, I was able to contact the original owners Son and found this info out) He passed away and the car sat in storage for 8 years before the second owner bought it with plans of cutomizing it. Well, 8 months passed and he found that he already had enough custom collector cars and very little time, so he offered it to me for a song(just $1050; which was just a token ammount since this guy is like a millionaire) anyway its mine now and it seems it was meant to be. I'm looking to do a bit of resto work on it, not much is needed, the body is straight with no dents or scratches/nicks. The paint is original brown that im not really a fan of and plan on repainting, also I'm going to put a new top on it(got a quote of $5-$600), the interior is in good shape(tan leather) except for the back seat where the 1st owners dog liked to ride. Some scratchs but no tears; which brings up a question of what color should I go with on exterior or what would be the cost of reupholstering. I do want to keep it as close to original as possible, but then again I'm not a big fan of the brown. No 22s, no air-bag suspension, no candy paint, no big-box pavement pounders(get my drift?). I hope that I can meet other classic cadi owners around my area (Lake Tahoe,NV.) to cruise with and hope also to talk with other owners about theirs and get advise on the resto matters.

Keep up the good work,

Enjoy'n the ride.....Derek Miller



Good deal Vinny, Barret Jackson is an awesome place to see some great oldies, esp. Cadillacs, I have seen alot of that show, and alot of Caddies that are awesome. Hope the new year was good to you and yours. I am thankful for the forums and the web info that you bring us, it has helped me restore my 1963 coupe deVille with parts that are basically a white elephant. Without the help of cadillac country club, it would not be possible.

Good Times,
Cadillac Dave



If you feel like sending me an email feel free, I would love to hear from you. Send it to Vinny(at) I would be glad to post it up here.


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