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Thread: Restore or junk?

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    Lightbulb Restore or junk?

    I have a beautiful 1989 Cadillac Sedan deVille, just under 99000 miles on it. It needs some cosmetics - dashboard leather was damaged by the Sun, seats' leather is getting brittle and tearing, paint could use some buffing or re-painting. It also needs some mechanical work (spark plugs wearing down, front shocks/struts are in average shape, air suspension has a leak).

    Several months ago, I noticed rust beginning on the "A Pillar" between the front doors and windshield. Well, a couple months ago, a pebble on the interstate hit it, causing a chip, which expanded to a crack. SAFELITE replaced it, paid for by PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. But, when he removed the OEM windshield, rust was on the entire metal from hood to roof line. Some spots were "rusted out". Those little patches of rust are "the tip of the iceberg". He was able to scratch off some of the rust, apply primer, and seal/glue the new one in.

    Question, is that rust the death of the car, or can it be restored? I can't do it if it CAN be restored, it would have to be given to a pro restoration company. If I had the $$$, I would gladly spend it on this car. Next year, it becomes a CLASSIC, and show-quality models CAN fetch $5000 (I bought it for $1700 18 months ago).


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    Welcome Todd

    I'd suspect that it would cost quite a bit more the 5k to restore based
    on your description.

    In the words of Neil Young " Rust Never Sleeps "

    I posted a '89 Coupe De Ville for my neighbor
    " I've always been Crazy, But it's kept me from going Insane "

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    i am sure that you would cost it around 6k for restoration. because my friend did it and it cost him around 6.5k.

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    They have right its more expensiv then 5k to restore

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    I guess I forgot to update this thread. In January, I traded the 1989 Sedan Deville (bought $1700, sold $1000) for a gorgeous cashmere-colored 2002 Deville. After about $700 in repairs, the car is phenomenal!


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