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Thread: 1958 Cadillac 62 Series

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    1958 Cadillac 62 Series

    1958 Cadillac 62 Series $3500.00

    Sweeny Auto Sales and Salvage
    1499 Copeland Rd
    Park Hills, MO 63601

    Pictures are at theoldcarguys.com

    Car runs but needs to be restore. He has all the parts you need on other Caddies in his salvage yard. Engine is a 365 CI 335 HP V8 with a three speed automatic (Hydramatic) transmission. Also has
    AC, PS, PB, Not sure if the AC still works. I found a lot of good chrome and stainless on the other 58s in his salvage yard. There's pictures of those cars on his web page.

    Picture are posterd at theoldcarguys.com

    Call Bruce at
    Be sure to tell them The Old Car Guys sent you.

    Check out Bruce's other cars and parts on Salvage Yard section

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    hey dear i thinks You'll be hard-pressed to get more than a few thousand for a non-running 62 sedan.
    No way can you approach 12K. What you think ,.?

    Cash for Scrap Metal Brisbane
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