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Cadillac Club: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Cadillac's

Here are some questions I get from Cadillac owners


We get quite a few emails from Cadillac owners asking for advice on their Cadillac. I try to steer them in the right direction but by not knowing the exact condition of the Cadillac it is really hard to give a value or recommend a fix sometimes. Keep in mind that these fixes or solutions may not be the best ones for you. Just something to keep in mind as you read from other owners.

I have been driving a 1988 Cadillac De ville for the past 5 years and the head gasket just blew (3 weeks ago). I know that one day this car will be a classic. I am looking to sell this car RIGHT NOW. What are your thoughts about the car and how much do you think that I can sell it for?

Thanks for everything,

Hi Gabrielle

Thanks for writing, I have the new price guide in my hand and there are two different models of the 1988 Deville the 2 door coupe and the 4 door sedan. You can tell which one you have by the amount of doors.

I will give you three prices for each model and see where yours fits in, a low a middle and a high price. Lets start with the 2 door coupe. The low price is $1600 the average price is $3150 and the high is $4200.

The 4 door sedan the low price is $1550 the average is $3000 and the high is $4075. As you can see the 2 door is more valuable but not by much. Not knowing which Cadillac you own and what shape it is in I really can't give you an exact price for what you will get for your car.

You could check a few spots, EBay and Craigslist. On EBay you can place your car in a search and on the lower left of the results page check the box that says "completed auctions" and you will see how much your car has sold for recently. You can pretty much get an idea using Craigslist the same way.

You can sell your Cadillac for free on There are always Cadillac owners looking to buy a new Cadillac there.


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