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Cadillac Club: History Of The Cadillac

History Of The Cadillac

THE HISTORY OF THE CADILLAC - Cadillac's Through The Years

Most historians know the ironic story of the Cadillac, how it ultimately started out a Ford, and fell victim to reorganization and investor qualms; only to become the Cadillac by a series of misfortunate events, namely a $900 settlement between Henry Ford and investors giving him only rights to his name. But don’t feel too sorry for Mr. Ford, after all, he did pretty well for himself after all.

The actual model, Cadillac, was named for the founder of Detroit Michigan an 18th century French explorer. The first actual car was completed in 1902 however, it wasn’t until January of 1903 when it actually made its debut to the public. The impressive Cadillac awed the crowds, and over two thousand people ordered their first Cadillac on that very day. If you want to see what one of the earlier Cadillac's looked like here is a picture from the Las Vegas Auto show that has a 1906 Cadillac featured.

Cadillac went on to win awards world-wide for their reliability and quality. As well, the Cadillac can be thanked for several firsts in the automobile industry. For example, the Cadillac was the first car to have an electric start earlier cars were “cranked”. The first V-8 engine was introduced in 1915, in none other than the Cadillac.

From the post war error until modern day, the Cadillac has been a car of luxury and known for its smooth ride and quietness usually only sold to the wealthiest of clients. In fact, Cadillac suffered its lowest points when trying to incorporate a vehicle for younger and median income clients perhaps targeting the wrong audience. Cadillac learned from the hardships that escalated in the early 1980's with such models as the compact Cimarron, and began once again marketing towards more mature and middle to upper class individuals, those that wanted luxury and comfort in their automobiles.

Today, Cadillac operates under the philosophy of “art and science”…encapsulating the beauty of the vehicle with the science behind it, sharper lines, stacked headlamps, and angular grilles serve multiple roles. As well, Cadillac has moved into the sport utility line of vehicles like the popular Escalade, offering luxury and comfort to those that need the power and necessity of a sport utility vehicle.

Perhaps best said, with the honors that have been bestowed upon the vehicle, Cadillac is “The Standard of the World”. I have started this site with Classic Cadillac's from the 1950's. It is a good place to start if you are visiting this site for the first time.

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