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Cadillac Club: Maintain Your Cadillac

Maintaining Your Cadillac

Here are some free tips on how to maintain your Cadillac and keep it looking new and smelling fresh. Keeping your Cadillac in the best shape it can be not only keeps it's value it also shows that you are a proud owner. These tips have come from other owners that have emailed me over the years.

General Tips for Cadillac Maintenance
I get many E-mails from people and they ask me the best tips I know to keep a Cadillac running good. Here is a list of some of the things that you should check on a regular basis. Keeping your Cadillac maintained just makes good sense to all.

How to Clean Cadillac Upholstery
Keeping the carpet and interior clean in your Cadillac is just as important as keeping the outside clean. Here is some free tips on how to keep your Cadillac upholstery clean no matter what is spilled on it. Keeping some cleaning solutions in the truck always helps get out those stains when they first happen.

Purchasing A Car Care Kit For Your Cadillac
Some people like to buy a car care kit and some like me are just too lazy to put one together myself. Here are some pros and cons on buying one for your Cadillac.

What Brand Of Wax Should I Use On My Cadillac
With all the different brands of wax on the market which one is the best for the paint on your Cadillac. I have tested all of these and here are the ones that I like.

Cadillac Cleaning Tips
Keeping your Cadillac clean not only adds to it's value but it can keep your car rust free and looking good for when you are ready to upgrade to a new Cadillac. Here are some tips that I use to keep my Cadillac clean.

Top Reasons Why You Should Be Buffing Your Cadillac
If you should ask why you should be buffing your Cadillac then this is some of the reasons why you should buff it out and make it look brand new. This is not an easy job and probably should be done by a professional.

How to Clean and Mend Leather Seats In Your Cadillac
So your girlfriend dropped her cigarette and burned your leather seats. You need to find out how to fix that hole and take better care of your leather seats. This applies to most seats that are leather.

Before You Buy New Rims For a Cadillac
Thinking about upgrading your Cadillac with a new set of rims. If you own a Playstation 2 you can see how your Cadillac will look with the new rims before you buy them. There are also many websites that you can see your rims before you spend your money.

When Does My Cadillac Need The Oil Changed
When do I change the oil in my Cadillac and how do I know when it needs to be changed. Let me help you and tell you when I change my oil in my Cadillac.


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