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Cadillac Club: The Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac SRX

THE CADILLAC SRX The Midsize Dream Sport Utility Vehicle

Whatís so different about the Cadillac SRX, you ask? Itís just another SUV, right? Not quiet, says Cadillac. Itís not just another sport utility vehicle; itís more like a Sedan in sheepís clothing. First introduced in 2004, the rear-wheel drive Cadillac SRX came in as a mid-size sport utility vehicle, however, it handles and drives like a sedan; specifically and even better a Cadillac Sedan. The Cadillac SRX made its way on the roadway under Cadillacís ďart and scienceĒ platform, gone were the days of rounded and softer lines. Instead, Cadillac opted for sleek, fine lines; stacked headlights, and an angular grill.

The Cadillac SRXís main competitors are foreign made vehicles, the BMW X5 and the Mercedes M Class; however, if youíre into American made vehicles that offer seating for up to eight, then perhaps the Cadillac SRX is just what you need. However, if youíre planning on using this sport utility vehicle for towing, you may want to look elsewhere.

The SRX is available in a new 3.6 liter V-6 with variable valve timing or in the next generation 4.6 liter Northstar V8, also with variable valve timing. The later of the two options offer drivers an all wheel drive, whereas the first offers driverís a smoother and economical ride. In all reality, it just depends on what youíre looking for in this vehicle.

Another great feature to the Cadillac SRX is the interior roominess. Both leg room and overall interior space is overwhelming compared to other sport utility vehicles, as well, the overall height of this SUV is smaller than most, making entering and exiting the vehicle much easier than other sport utility vehicles. Furthermore, an optional electronically controlled third seat is available if needed, with just a touch of a button, you can have seating for eight; this optional feature is lacking in other competitors.

Perhaps the only downside of the Cadillac SRX is the price. The base price of the V6, rear wheel drive Cadillac SRX is just over $38,000; whereas the all wheel drive Northstar V8 is a little pricier at $46,000. However, with extras and options, one of these great vehicles can run you just under sixty grand!

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