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Cadillac Club: Used Cadillac

Used Cadillac

When looking to buy a used Cadillac there are many places to look it all depends on what type of Cadillac you are looking for. You can find many deals of a Cadillac if you look around on the internet.

Ask in Cadillac forums where the other Cadillac owners bought their cars. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results they tell you. On our favorite forum (shameless plug for our yahoo group) There are all sorts of owners from all models.

Classic Cadillac and Modern Cadillac

Vintage Cadillac's have their own little circle when it comes to where their owners hang out online. They generally don't hang out with Escalade owners and vice versa. If you know what model of vintage you are looking for already put the term in a search engine and put the words "owners forum" after it you will always find someone that is interested in selling their classic car.

We thought about putting up a classified section here but the upkeep on a "Cadillac's for sale" page would just be too much. If you want to join our Yahoo group and place an ad either looking or selling your Cadillac feel free. Our forum get quite a bit of traffic from Cadillac owners looking to buy a Cadillac.

If you are looking to buy a used Cadillac from the current times I suggest that you go to and search the listings they always have a wide selection of people that sell their car instead of trading it in to a dealer.

You can also do like my brother did and buy a leftover straight from the dealer. He saved some money on his car. The best part is it was like new when he got it. You can also go to the dealer near you and let him know what you are looking for. If something comes in on a trade in he may call you before he puts the car on the lot.

Then of course there is EBay where you can search for all the Cadillac's and maybe pick out a model that you may have not considered the first time. All in all there really is no one place where you can look for a used Cadillac just many places to look.

Good luck and may you get a deal on a good car. If you do send us an email where you found it so we can help other future Cadillac owners. Before you look at a car read our Cadillac checklist it might save you money.

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