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Finding parts for Vintage Cadillac

With the birth of the internet people no longer have to climb through junkyards when looking for parts to restore their vintage Cadillac. Everyday there are more and more junkyards across the country that are placing pictures of their inventory online. This makes it very easy to find the parts you are looking for.

This is a great way for junkyards to find a home for that Cadillac fender or bumper that has been sitting in the lot for years. Needless to say that most vintage Cadillac owners just love this service.

I get 20 emails a week from people looking for parts. I normally send them to this page. Some of the junkyards will go out and search their cars and see if they have the parts for you. Some have a good inventory on their computer and will be able to answer your questions right away.

Good Places To Find Parts for Vintage Cadillac's

The one section that has the most searches are taillights since they are hard to find for early 1950's and 1960's Cadillac's. This is great news to people that have Cadillac's or any other classic car for that matter. People in Europe are going to junkyard websites and having the items shipped back to them overseas. Some of the more popular junkyards with old Cadillac parts are listed here.

  • I have found a few parts that were hard to find on Auto parts warehouse.

  • Desert Valley Auto Parts there website is Desert Valley Auto Parts - Mention our website to them if you call.

  • All American Classics website is

  • Ctc's Auto Ranch they can be found here at

  • has found a few parts for members use coupon code A4164E5547C5 and save 5% off.

  • Plastic Parts Inc - This site has all the filler pieces that people have been asking me about when they see me at shows. I spoke to the owner back in 2011 and their goal is to get you the right filler for your Cadillac. They have been premiere manufacturers of aftermarket Cadillac parts for over 20 years - Mention the code "Cadillac Country Club" and get 10% off when you call them.

There is also where you can search if you can't find the Cadillac fin or the Cadillac grill or basically any other part for your vintage Cadillac. There site is

We would like to thank John Walker from New Jersey for this information. He bought a 1951 Cadillac Coupe DeVille from an elderly neighbor and has been restoring it. He found the hood ornament, rear window glass, and a fender skirt. Slowly but surely Johnny is going to restore the Cadillac to the way it is suppose to be.

If you need tools for restoring a vintage Cadillac visit our Cadillac restoration page.

Cadillac Parts Locating Guide - All Years - $ 22.47
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