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Cadillac Club: Winter Tips

Winter Tips For Your Cadillac

Car Care Tips To Keep Jack Frost Away

The winter is the worst time for you Cadillac especially if your blessed to live up north or in the Midwest. Some simple preventative measures can keep your Cadillac looking good and a smile on your face. Jack Frost and his ice, slush, and road salt are the enemies and youíre the hero with high quality Car Products as your weapons.

Your Cadillac is worth some money so make sure that you protect it. According to the ICA, the International Car Wash Association, consistent and regular washing will do more to retain your cars value. This means that its resale value will be better than a car that has been cosmetically neglected.

ďMany people realize the value of an oil change and how it protects the engine,Ē explains Corbin Stetler, owner of Contur Automotive Detailing. ďWe know that if we neglect oil changes then there is a good chance we are going to kill the engine. We replace the engine and the car is back to new. However, if rust and corrosive elements attack your car fixing the problem isnít so simple.Ē offers a wide range of car care protects to help protect your vehicle from the damaging elements and rusting. There is simply no reason not to use their products to keep your Cadillac in top condition because the products can be ordered from the comfort of your home. You donít have to brave the elements or waste gas going to the store to buy these cleaning products.

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Make sure to pre-soak your Cadillac to loosen up any grime on it before you go to waxing and polishing. If you have access to a high pressure washer then use it. It makes cleaning your Cadillac even better because you can blast off all the grime. Try to do this type of cleaning 2-3 times a month.

The worst thing that you can do is nothing. Letting your Cadillac go all winter without a cleaning is just asking for trouble. It is also equivalent to just throwing out dollar bills out your window as you drive your Cadillac around. Essentially thatís what you are doing if you neglect your carís finish.

When you wash your Cadillac pay attention to cleaning its undercarriage. This is an important area to clean but is often neglected. Get into all your wheel wells and underneath bumpers etc. Those are areas where rust first starts to get a grip on your car. Be sure to clean your door-jams as well because a lot of mud and slosh gets into this area.

Buy some winter floor mats for your car that can take a good beating. You donít want to use the same floor mats year round. The winter slush is tough on floormats but Lloyd Mats have some that are pretty tough. You can see some of them on the floor mats page.

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